A Studio Apartment in Norrmalm, Stockholm

Images from  Fantastic Frank . Styling by  Josefin Haag

Images from Fantastic Frank. Styling by Josefin Haag


Having lived in New York for five years, I became really familiar with small spaces. It's something that in theory you'd think you'd be ok with but in practice drives you to crave unexpected things like doors and a full sized tub. I was constantly on the search for something bigger and better, but ended up finding a place that was equally or more disappointing than the previous place and paying more rent. I wish that I had known that when I lived in my first apartment, which was a studio in the Upper East Side. It was a twelve minute walk away from the subway but for the price, the space was beautiful.
That said, here's an apartment in Norrmalm in Stockholm that is possibly one of my favorite spaces that I have come across in a long time. The mix of woods, the simplicity of it, and especially the color palette captured my attention immediately. Furthermore, I think that there are some great small space lessons to be learned here, that I wish I knew about when I had my studio apartment. The floors weren't nearly as nice, but it did have a lot of light and other architectural elements like a painted brick wall and three large windows.


Built in shelves like these display books and other collected items beautifully. I love it when they are made with the same paint color and material as the wall so they completely blend into the environment. The gallery wall in the photo on the right is masterfully done. It has just enough pieces to feel tasteful. Josefin kept the rest of the apartment sparse in terms of art, a great trick when you've got a gallery wall in a small space.


I don't normally love a gallery wall, but this one has a beautiful harmony to it. I also see it as a great look into how to frame different types of artwork. Ex. the white shadowbox frame with a stark white matte for an off-white paper with a sketch.


Part of learning about design is to observe those spaces that you love closely. It's like following a magician to try figure out his trick. In this case I absolutely love the moldings and the choice of paint color. The moldings are a dark, warm gray, the walls a bluish-toned gray and the ceiling a shade of warm white. The three shades here work to make this apartment feel cozier by counteracting the height of the ceilings.

Victoria de la Camara